Monday, March 17, 2008

Freeplay Energy

Specializing in solar and wind-up power, Freeplay products were first designed for self-sufficient use in poor African countries where villages lack basic services and utilities.

"The Clockwork Radio, as the device was first known, was proposed as a means of providing better communication and education in undeveloped areas of Africa, which could lead to an effective measure in stopping the rampant spread of AIDS. Traditional radio, although widespread, relied on an electrical supply or the availability of disposable batteries - both of which were in short supply across the continent."

Current Freeplay product catalog

REI is a good place to find Freeplay radios and flashlights. Find a local dealer with this locater.

New and improved technology has seen a change from the old steel spring mechanism to a direct-charge generator, allowing the user to keep winding for as long as they like - storing all the energy they need.

The latest generation of Freeplay products are: smaller, lighter, more efficient, rugged design, lower price point.

In addition to the fundamental needs of people - nutrition, hygiene, security - are the needs for communication and for light. Since the first wind-up radio was produced in February 1996, the Freeplay story has been one of pioneering and developing technology to serve the needs of humankind from all walks of life. Freeplay's success has been both commercial and societal.