Friday, February 22, 2008

Skycall Communications

I listen to a Saturday morning radio show on local KSL 1160 that starts at 6:00 am and runs for two hours. During the show, they get people out in the field to call in to the program using satellite phones provided by Skycall Communications. These on-site reports are highly entertaining and very informative. The one I remember the most was a husband and wife couple who were hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail. Another was a Lewis and Clark expedition re-enactment.

Skycall is a local company that services Utah and the Intermountain West. Besides selling sat phones and service plans, they have a rental business as well. For around $14 a day, or $50 a week (check for updated prices), you can rent a satellite phone. They say Boy Scout troops take advantage of this service quite often when they are backpacking up in the High Uintas. Anything happens and they can immediately dial for help no matter where they are. River runners, canyoneers, ATVers, and other outdoors people like to take advantage of Skycall's rental services as well.

Skycall Communications, 2493 S. 1700 E., Salt Lake City, Utah 84106; United States; 801-463-1869

The idea of renting a satellite phone might be new to you, but if you're planning a trip into some remote area of the world, or in areas with spotty cell coverage, a sat phone might prove useful. If you live outside of the state of Utah, consider finding a local company similar to Skycall that will rent you a sat phone for your next trip.

Disclaimer -- in no way should a satellite phone or any other communication device (be it cell phone, emergency beacon, ham radio, etc.) replace common sense, personal safety and preparedness (including equipment for self rescue) when traveling in remote and dangerous terrain.

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