Saturday, February 16, 2008

Provident Living - Self Reliance and Welfare Resources

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (known as the LDS Church -- members sometimes referred to as Mormons) is very big on self reliance, emergency preparedness, and welfare principles that lift people up rather than making them slaves of the dole.

Their website called has a wealth of information on topics such as: food storage, family finances, humanitarian services, employment, education and literacy, physical health, family and marriage counseling, adoption assistance, rehabilitation services, and more. To participate in some of these services, membership is required, but much of these resources are available to all.

With their pioneer heritage of self reliance and frontier spirit, building towns, settlements and families throughout the mountain west, members of the LDS Church have always been taught to provide for themselves and to serve their fellow men. Christian charity means not only helping the worthy poor with food and monetary aid, but with training, counseling, and education helps so that all are taken care of, and all can take care of themselves. So none are left behind if they truly desire to better themselves.

The section on food storage provides information on why one should store food, what to store, how to store, using food storage, home flour mills, emergency preparation, and home gardening. There are also suggestions on how to build one month food storage kits, how to dry-pack food, how to inventory your present storage, and locations where members of the church can do their own dry packing. (If you're not a member, find someone who is, and tag along with them.)

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