Monday, February 25, 2008

Barricade Fire Blocking Gel

Remember last September when neighbor kids were lighting houses on fire? Two houses within a block suffered severe damage, and it seemed like all of 6th Ave was going to go up in flames. Shortly after witnessing these terrible disasters, I learned about Barricade Fire Blocking Gel. Be sure to watch the video below. Might be worth stocking several gallons. You wouldn't apply this if the house next to yours was already fully engulfed in flames (too dangerously close), but if you were two or three houses away, I'd do it. -- Scott

BARRICADE® Fire Blocking Gel is a revolutionary product that is changing the science of fire fighting and exposure protection. During recent years, the increasing number of out-of-control wildland/urban interface fires has made headlines around the world. These challenging incidents, such as the devastating fires in California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, Nevada and Florida have threatened lives and destroyed many homes, businesses and other structures. Even more unfortunate is the fact that firefighters have been injured and killed in their valiant efforts to fight these monsters. BARRICADE will finally allow us to control and extinguish these fires safely and effectively.

BARRICADE has been tested and proven in the most severe firestorm conditions and is being lauded by firefighters, homeowners and government officials for saving millions of dollars worth of property.

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