Tuesday, February 19, 2008

10-day Survival Car Kit for only $25

Backwoods Home Magazine has a great article on how to build your own survival car kit from items you can purchase at the grocery store. While it's targeted for those driving during the winter months, it provides a lot of good ideas for building a survival car kit for any time of the year.

It seems like every winter there are news stories of people getting stranded for weeks in bad weather while driving through the many remote areas of our country. Last year, the nation held its breath waiting for news of James Kim and his family who got lost traveling the snowy roads of Josephine County in Oregon, not far from where BWH is published. While his wife and daughters, who stayed with their vehicle, were eventually found alive, he succumbed to the cold as he hiked through snow looking for help for his family. And there are also many cases of people trapped for days in their vehicles after skidding over a bridge embankment, even though they were only a few hundred feet from a busy highway.

This year we had the case of Thomas and Tamitha Garner, who were stranded over 12 days. Luckily they survived their ordeal.

Back to the car kit -- start making your own today! Read the whole thing.

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